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GameVest allows you to support your favourite eSport Team and share their success.
If you are an eSport Team, this is your launch platform.

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As simple as buying online

Do you like eSports? Do you want to help your favourite team? You can buy tokens of different teams and receive profits and services directly from them.

GameVest provides his own crypto currency, the LEVEL (LVL). With this coin you can adquire tokens of any team included in the platform and access to exclusive content.


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Enjoy the match!

Are you an eSports Team ?

GameVest provides you a powerful tool to receive investment from potentially anyone in the world. We can also help you with the management of your team.

Technology Keys

Safe and Decentralized App based on Smart Contracts over Ethereum Blockchain
Team Tokens pre-built smart contracts

We offer you pre-built smart contracts to trade your tokens and access to the services. You don´t need programming skills.

Team Tokens pre-built smart contracts -
Based on Ethereum Blockchain

All the functionalities are based over Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts.

Based on Ethereum Blockchain -

The team

Meet the people that made it all happen.
Pamela Muñoz
Pamela Muñoz
Pablo Morillo
Pablo Morillo
Javier Martín
Javier Martín
Sergio Fernández
Sergio Fernández
Gonzalo Bravo
Gonzalo Bravo


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