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Week 1 – Day 2 – EU LCS Spring Split

Giants Vs Vitality Great week for Vitality that closes with a 2-0 to his favor letting see that Giants as he said the previous day SteelBack are no longer a low table team, at least for now, and is that even losing, stood up to the boys of Vitality, showing that at least the base exists. Betsy left delusions that it may be the player who is not at a good level in Giants, in

Week 1 – Day 1 – EU LCS Spring Split

G2 vs Misfits Everyone was expecting a balanced match or maybe slightly declined towards to the Misfits side, but it is important to remember that none of them were playing with their previous roster. Despite both teams underwent many changes (including some different player looks) G2 was the most affected. By the way, G2 ruthlessly overwhelmed Misfits, who had options to fight for the victory.  But…even when Maxlore managed to steal a Nashor from Jankos, he realized while denying with his head,that there