Week 1 – Day 1 – EU LCS Spring Split

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You Are Here:Week 1 – Day 1 – EU LCS Spring Split

G2 vs Misfits

Everyone was expecting a balanced match or maybe slightly declined towards to the Misfits side, but it is important to remember that none of them were playing with their previous roster. Despite both teams underwent many changes (including some different player looks) G2 was the most affected. By the way, G2 ruthlessly overwhelmed Misfits, who had options to fight for the victory.  But…even when Maxlore managed to steal a Nashor from Jankos, he realized while denying with his head,that there was no option to win the match.

Perkz played a Ryze that at the end of the game had more than 200 minions of advantage over Misfits’ Mid Laner. Misfits was able to extend the game quite a bit, though, it only extended the agony being unable to attack G2 team, which had a Cho getting frequently to the  “Pokemon” centre to be healed with that Warmog. 

G2 wanted to carry a good final attack out  using the Ultimate of Tham to get to the final inhibitor as Misfits left the base; but no matter how many times Misfits get there, they were unable to stop it because when they reached the base they were completely surrounded by G2 team .

Image source: http://esports.eldesmarque.com/league-of-legends

H2K vs Vitality

Vitality showed that the spell book, knowing how to use it, is one of the best runes we can find right now in Lol. Jizuke showed how to combine spells to put pressure on all the lines, especially TOP, where they suck the life out of H2K’s Top Laner, Smiiityj.

Jizuke showed that day after day, since we saw him in the Super Orange League this past season,  has a very good level. Although it is still too early to affirm that he is one of the best Mid Laners this Split. It is needed to wait for him how to climb this team.

Coming back to the game, H2K had the opportunity to got back on track with the game by killing the Nashor, but Vitalyty finally finished him, and destroyed the H2K team, only Caedrel remained alive, the H2K Mid Laner.

It should be remembered that H2K lost all the roster this year, including the coaching staff. As a brief summary, they stated that they had to reduce equipment expenses, and it was around one million, among others etc. We must remember that we are currently facing a low-table team, and the legacy of H2K, that high-table team that did not win any title but was always fighting with those at the top, it’s over.

Image source: http://esports.eldesmarque.com/league-of-legends

Unicorns Of Love vs Giants

Both teams suffered many changes from the previous season, specially if you look at the Giants team.  Almost all Giants players, excepting the Top Laner, moved to Vitality team. Regarding individual level, Giants players were superior in all lines, and when the Mid Game started and Giants guys had to stick together, they performed really well.

Unicorns guys could not do much in the course of the game, since they played a pretty “crazy” setup or better said “All-In”. They managed to defend Samux (ADC) who played Kog’Maw with a Lulu but they didn´t have anything else to support him and could not get further.

As SteealBack said in the post-match interview: “everyone underestimated the Giants” and this maybe happened to Unicorns, we’ll see if he is right and finally they become a TopTier Team or not.

Image source:: http://esports.eldesmarque.com/league-of-legends

Roccat vs FC Shalke 04

The surprise in this game was that the Support appeared sitting in the ADC chair and in the Support seat was Kreppo (or with his new name in the crack, Boris) who had not played since 2015 and had been an analyst for Riot until there were some problems that are not to be discussed here.

It should be recognized that they won because Vander had a triple kill in the pit of the Nashor where he raided the Roccat team, and when Azir was going to escape, he hooked him with his ultimate and they could find the way.

It was a fight that they had lost in 3 vs 5 but instead of retreat on time that could always a victory, Vander decided to start kiting and mercilessly drain the lives of enemies.

Roccat,in other words, did not play badly at all. But they played against a Bot Lane that, possibly due to the entry of Kreppo for reasons that are still unknown and Vander changing his position (although it was previously ADC), this made a lot of damage in this Lane of the Roccat team.

Image Source: http://esports.eldesmarque.com/league-of-legends

FNatic vs Splyce

We were all expecting a clear, strong victory from the Fnatic team.

So it started, being overwhelming but suddenly FNatic began to make small mistakes that could be understood as macro strategic , or maybe they understimate their rivals at some point of the match. That leaded Fnatic to make mistakes that could shock the team.

They did not know how to close the game, for example letting Soaz and Rekkles to be hunted,  was a mess. A defeat in the first week would be catastrophic for the players morale, who already know they are prone to tilt.

Splyce, first week, against FNatic ​​… It was difficult to get this map but playing “best of one”, everything was possible. But maybe, Splyce already knew that this start would be complicated taking into account that changed a whole roster except one person. It is still difficult to know what kind of synergy they have at the moment.

Rekkles had a few words at the end of the game trying to emphasize that he did not want to be hurtful, but left a message to Jesiz, his previous Support. He said that he did not want to flame him or speak bad about him, but that at the moment he feels much more confident  with the current support, Hylissang. In spite of that, Rekkles stated that it’s nice to play with him and that he is an exceptional player. We’ll see if this is true and they are able to create great synergy, like when we had Yellowstar on the team.

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