Week 1 – Day 2 – EU LCS Spring Split

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You Are Here:Week 1 – Day 2 – EU LCS Spring Split

Giants Vs Vitality

Great week for Vitality that closes with a 2-0 to his favor letting see that Giants as he said the previous day SteelBack are no longer a low table team, at least for now, and is that even losing, stood up to the boys of Vitality, showing that at least the base exists.

Betsy left delusions that it may be the player who is not at a good level in Giants, in the middle of the game in the middle line steps a trap of Caitlyn in a dubious move in which I just died.

It seems that this Split Vitality is not going to be a team with half-low table money but that it will fight for the Playoffs.

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Unicors Of Love VS Splyce

A game of a very long duration that both teams played quietly and trying not to make mistakes, but after so much waiting there was not a last team fight, but it was decided through a Base Race in the middle lane, in which I won it Splyce, but something that left us very sad was our companion Samux, ADC of Unicors Of Love that when both nexuses were to a blow Splyce gave it before them and this hit a blow on the table that left us crestfallen.

Unicors Of Love should have won in terms of approach and strategy but it was not like that, because UOL remained locked in the enemy base without being able to make the Backs since they would be cut and so they decided to finish in that way.

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Fnatic VS H2K

A very painful defeat, before a team that on the first day played a very bad game, did not know how to close or put back a game won at minute 16.

They had six towers to zero, herald of the crack, two dragons, but the game began to lengthen and the composition of H2K was to climb, and that they had, time to climb, with a Vayne that needed the thirty minutes that Fnatic granted them.

In Mid Game Fntic lost a fight that already gave the result of the game, and that it was, if in this time and a team that climbs to the Late you win, you know something bad happens.
Caps hunted people in the Late and if he hunted someone and killed him it was a game, but whenever Zoey got his skill right, it was always against a character he was able to survive.

Image source: http://esports.eldesmarque.com/league-of-legends

G2 VS Roccat

You remember when in the previous Roccat match we indicated that they left Roccat in their normal position in the league?, which was a low-table team? …

Yesterday the Roccatianos as well as Ibai Llanos baptized, showed that this Spring Split of 2018 is going to be possibly the best we will ever see.

A long and slow game, something that gets tired, but if the Split is going to be that exciting, for my part, it will be attractive to finish watching.

Roccat took advantage immediately in the game, but at the moment it was thought that they could get much more, but the team of G2 let climb to the Kog’Maw of Roccat, which did not take anything but a kill, but it was enough together its six assists and all the farming that I took to climb like a great Hiper Carry, that G2 also had it but Kog scale, at least in my opinion much better.

Everything was decided in a Team Figth in the pit of the Nashor in which Blanc the Mid Laner of Roccat made a great play with Azir taking a Triple Kill and turning around quickly towards the base of G2.

While the guys from G2 were trying to get back on base to stop Roccat’s latest outpost, Roccat’s Support flashed to the flower where one of the G2 players was to continue bothering us but nobody realized that where Perkz was a Ward with which I was watching it and when I was about to reel it, I cut it.

I just died but got his team to win the game without any opposition, only the Ornn of G2.

Image source: http://esports.eldesmarque.com/league-of-legends

Misfts VS FC Schalke 04

As on the first day Krepo now known as Boris, he played again because Upset was still out due to fever.

Misfits was able to focus on the Bot Lane in which I try to get all his attention because it is not the strongest line that Schalke had as we could assume, and I take advantage of his weaknesses very well.

Schalke did not know how to put pressure on the line of the top to try to leave behind that Gankplank of Misfits, and he knew how to take advantage of the situation getting to climb faster than it should.

Krepo always dying in the most important plays but it should be remembered that Krepo is the head coach and Vander support we will say that they still made a great game despite the result.

Image source: http://esports.eldesmarque.com/league-of-legends

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