July 19, 2017

What we are?

First of all, thank you for your interest in our work. We are developing Gamevest.online, a project related to eSports that allows spectators and fans to invest in their favorite teams in an innovative way.

What is our motivation?

There is no denying the unstoppable progress of eSports in recent years with hundreds of new teams, thousands of players competing and an increasing number of fans who follow with interest the matches of their teams in leagues and tournaments both nationally and internationally. We are, first of all, passionate about video games for many years and we are excited to see how the world of the competition reaches more and more the general public. It is our desire to contribute to the ecosystem of the eSports, helping its diffusion, arousing interest and of course helping the teams to play more and better. That is why we will collaborate as we know best, putting our know-how at the service of the eSports community.

What is GameVest?

GameVest.online seeks to connect the passion of the fans with the needs of the teams. For this, we propose a really novel way of interaction between both. Our platform will give the teams the possibility to offer exclusive services that the supporters can acquire to help their financing and simultaneously grow and strenghthen their fanbase. These services can be obtained using the crypto-currency created by GameVest, the LEVEL (LVL), that will be tradeable in any Exchange. Fans can also exchange their LEVELS for products or services offered by teams such as merchandising, live experiences with teams (visit to their gaming house, matches against the team …), collectibles (badges, trophies of collaborator … ) etc.

A supporter, in short, will be able to acquire exclusive services from the teams integrated in the platform(financing them) and manage his investment portfolio as he pleases, selling and buying new LEVELS depending on the evolution of the price, or storing tokens of his favorite team to spend them later on.

GameVest is not just funding

On the other hand, and to complement the range of services of GameVest, we will offer tools to the administrators to manage their equipment, such as contract management with players, control of statistics and management of their pool of tokens.

How will we do all this?

Our platform will be based on a new technology that is revolutionizing the digital world, Blockchain. Perhaps to some the term does not sound to you, but if I speak to you of Bitcoin or Ethereum probably the thing will change. Well, Blockchain is a type of technology that allows digital transactions in a secure and decentralized way. In addition Ethereum (which is a novel type of Blockchain) allows the execution of smart contracts automatically once the agreed requirements are met. The creation of tokens and contracts (smart contracts) using Blockchain technology (such as Ethereum) is sweeping around the world as a method of trade and business financing and it is proposed that its implementation in the coming months or Years revolutionize society in all fields (banking, health, trade …)

What can be done with Ethereum?

Ethereum technology allows for example, to sign a contract with a player from anywhere in the world with full validity, and pay automatically when the agreed conditions are met. It allows the transactions of crypto currencies in a totally secure way, as well as to establish the rules for the crypto currencys price evolution  without possibility of manipulation.

Who is GameVest for?

Our platform is oriented to all; Teams, players, fans … and that’s why we want everyone to be part of it. It is a great opportunity to get financial help for small and large teams and an excellent network of dissemination and publicity. On the other hand allows the fans to be part of their teams and share their successes as never before.

We want you to be part of the GameVest community and we look forward to your comments. For this you can get in touch with us through the mail, social networks or our website.


Pablo Morillo.